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Admissions & Transfers


Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care may be considered if your patient:
  • Continues to require critical care support; or
  • Currently unable to endure three hours or more of at least two therapies per day; or
  • Current care needs exceed level of a sub-acute or skilled nursing facility.

Note: We are able to accommodate treatment and support of many diagnoses. If you have questions, general or specific, surrounding the clinical status or circumstances of your patient, please contact our Clinical Care Nurse Liaisons for consultation anytime utilizing the information below.

        South of Seattle, WA
        Tamira London
        Clinical Care Nurse Liaison
        (253) 209-1219 (cell)
Seattle and North
Wayne Weeks
Clinical Care Nurse Liaison
(206) 714-5457 (cell)

Assessment and Transfer Process

Regional Hospital is committed to facilitating seamless patient assessments and transfers. One of the keys to a successful transition is early coordination with the transferring facility, patient and family. Our Critical Care Liaisons assist with the referral, evaluation, and transfer process. They provide timely evaluation, complete financial authorization, and facilitate communication throughout the transfer process. Regional Hospital admits patients seven days a week.


We accept Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance and managed care programs. Because it may be necessary to negotiate with insurers, it is helpful to identify potential patients as early as possible. For insurers without a current contract, individual agreements can usually be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Communicating with Referring Providers

Primary and transferring physicians and case managers from referring facilities and insurance companies are considered part of the care team when treatment, payment, operations or patient consent allows. These team members are invited, as appropriate, to attend the weekly interdisciplinary team conference or daily rounds for their patient. Frequent progress reports and information is provided on request. To call our unit directly, the number is (206) 248-4604.

The Joint Commission
Accredited by
The Joint

Member of
National Association
of Long Term Hospitals

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Washington State
Hospital Association

Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care,
a Joint Commission accredited facility, is a Long Term Acute
Care Hospital (LTACH) providing specialized hospital services
for critically ill patients experiencing prolonged recoveries.
16251 Sylvester Road S.W., Burien, WA 98166
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