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Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care restores lives of patients with serious illness and traumatic injury. We specialize in extended critical care, and are the regional experts in mechanical ventilator weaning, commonly referred to as life support, for patients experiencing respiratory complications or respiratory failure.

As a part of our dedication to individualized care, we recognize that each patient is unique and work to provide a customized level of care that augments traditional medicine with activities designed to heal the spirit. Our specialized, evidence-based high-tech care focuses on restoring quality of life for our patients and their families.

Our dedicated and compassionate staff is committed to helping every patient achieve their full potential. Whether a complete recovery, or intensive medical care and rehabilitation within the limitations of their illness, each member of our team is an integral part of bridging the strength of our state-of-the-art technology and ventilator weaning with the warmth of human compassion.

At the Regional Hospital, you can expect compassion, optimism and honest concern for every patient. Our unique blend of “technology and touch” has a reputation for producing amazing results, and we are well known throughout the Pacific Northwest for our strict standards of quality, patient safety, and reputation for integrity. Helping our patients recover with the dignity and care they deserve, while ensuring that hospital providers throughout the Seattle region maintain ICU availability are also a vital part of our mission, and an important component of what we do.

Regional Hospital to affiliate with Franciscan Health System

Franciscan and Regional Hospital have affiliated as of January 1, 2014. Regional is a 40-bed, not-for-profit Long-Term Acute Care Hospital based at Highline Medical Center’s Specialty Campus in Tukwila. The Franciscan affiliation will help us improve care of patients who are critically ill who need a post-ICU level of care, including ongoing respiratory care. Plans call to move Regional Hospital to Highline’s main campus in Burien as early as Fall 2014, subject to approvals from regulatory agencies.

The affiliation expands Franciscan’s continuum of care and helps improve management of patients who are critically ill who need a post-ICU level of care, including ongoing respiratory care. It will continue operating as a non-profit, non-religious (secular) institution as it has been since it opened in 1994.

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Regional Hospital for Respiratory and Complex Care,
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